Transport is a generic term that describes various services. Indeed, we distinguish on-demand transport, which can involve transporting small loads, half-loads, or full loads, and regular transport, consisting of dedicated flows, shuttles, line hauls, or availability


This involves picking up goods at point A and delivering them directly to point B without stopping at a dock. The goods generally consist of 4 pallets (small loads) to 33 pallets (full loads), including half-loads, which consist of 12 to 20 pallets.

Batch carriers typically operate in a defined departure and arrival area. When they load small batches, batch carriers organize them to group several towards the same destination to optimize their movements. Whether delivering small batches or full loads, batch carriers, once empty in the defined department, must find freight to reload their vehicles and return to their base. They often rely on brokers who have freight; this is called return freight.

PRÉVOTÉ MAGETRANS sells on-demand transport to its customers, which it carries out with its own vehicles. This ranges from small batches, which, once grouped, represent 3 complete trucks per day to Normandy, to full loads across France depending on demand.

PRÉVOTÉ EXPÉDIS, PRÉVOTÉ MESSAGERIES, PRÉVOTÉ TRANSPICARDIE , and PRÉVOTÉ TRANSPORTS also perform on-demand transport. This freight is generally handled in clean trucks in the Île-de-France and “Picardy regions”. For the rest of these loads destined for the entire France, they are chartered to local carriers looking for return freight.

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Like on-demand transport, regular transport involves transporting goods between two points without stopping at a dock.
There are several types of services in regular transport, but they generally involve full loads that require a regular flow.

Shuttles are rotations to be performed multiple times a day between two points located next to each other. PRÉVOTÉ TRANSPORTS performs 8 shuttles per day from our warehouses to our equipment supplier client with the same driver and the same vehicle.
Dedicated automotive flows in round trips that repeat one to several times a day. PRÉVOTÉ TRANSPORTS performs round trips within a 24-hour period between an equipment supplier and an automotive industrial site. This involves 8 drivers, 5 tractors, and 6 dedicated high-volume semi-trailers every day.

Line hauls services are generally carried out at night. This service typically involves connecting two messenger sorting centers. All PRÉVOTÉ companies perform tractions between different messenger agencies. PRÉVOTÉ TRANSPORTS uses mobile box trailer trucks to perform nightly tractions between EXAPAQ sites in Île-de-France and the Central region.

Providing vehicles is also a form of regular transport. This service involves providing a driver and a delivery vehicle to a client who will organize their own transport. This service is not subject to a lease agreement but can be complementary to it for handling peak activities. Provision can be sold by the day, week, month, and sometimes by the year. PRÉVOTÉ TRANSPORTS and PRÉVOTÉ LOCATION primarily perform this type of service for various industrial clients.